The Post & Courier – Dozens of Charleston restaurants scrambling with Pane di Vita bakery closing

Posted On: 09/05/2018

While the recent rash of downtown Charleston restaurant closings has been highly visible, a wholesale bakery getting out of the business has thrown the food-and-beverage sector into a behind-the-scenes tizzy, with up to three dozen restaurants seeking a new source of bread and pastry.

Pane Di Vita, which supplied the buns for Little Jack Tavern’s acclaimed cheeseburgers and the baguettes that helped put Bon Banh Mi on a path to expansion, closed on Aug. 31.

Owner Richard “Chip” Plaistowe attributed his decision to the same factors cited in closing announcements issued by Josh Keeler (Two Boroughs Larder) and Rob Laudicina (Spero): Because of the dire shortage of capable staff, Plaistowe was forced to work punishing hours in order to keep his company afloat.

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Written By: Hanna Raskin